• „Navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse“

    „To sail is necessary, to live is not necessary.“

    A Latin proverb

  • Marketing

    The key to achieving success is discovering potential

    of people and investing time in their development.

    Peter Drucker

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    The easiest way to get what you want is

    to help others get what they want.

    Don Juan

  • Consulting

    If your job is not on the internet

    then you will soon be out of work.

    Bill Gates

  • Izrada sajtova

    Tomorrow belongs to those who have vision today.


We believe that the future is not predicted, but created, that opportunities should not be waited but made, that one should never give up but try one more time and that one right idea is enough to solve any unsolvable problem. We transform your ideas into reality by offering complete solutions in jobs we perform ...  About Us!


All solutions regarding navigation available at one place. Ensure the success of your business in all situations related to navigation.


Selection and training of staff according to highest standards. Only a completely trained crew may respond to all challenges of navigation.

internet marketing

internet marketing
Web site development, promotion and branding on the internet. Follow trends and increase your profit, because more and more business activities are performed on the internet.

A-Team News

  • Vision2020 Maritime & Marine Helix Launch Event
  • Vision2020 Maritime & Marine Helix Launch Event
  • 01-Oct-2018 | A-Team
  • On September 27 and 28 our Company and CEO Capt. Vladimir Sparovic took part in the Maritime & Marine Helix Launch Event organized by Visin2020 The Crowdhelix Network and L-Università ta Malta held in the extraordinary ambience of Villa Bighi in Kalkara, Malta. At this meeting, A-Team was the only representative from the Republic of Serbia.
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  • TMS CEE our new partner
  • TMS CEE our new partner
  • 01-Mar-2018 | A-Team
  • On March 1, 2018. our company has concluded the Agreement on business and technical cooperation with the company TMS CEE d.o.o. Belgrade, the corporate partner of TÜV SÜD for Central and Eastern Europe, with a special emphasis on Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and the Republic of Srpska.
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Others about us

  • Komentari
  • " The A-Team and especially Captain Šparović have supported significantly, with their knowledge and experience in the area of marine legislation and human resources management, successful realization of the project of improvement of marine legislation on the Pacific, entrusted to us by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC). "
  • - Jelica Lučić, CEO Lucic Marine Services LMS
  • Komentari
  • " A-Team has provided us with excellent positioning on the net and thanks to their engagement and cooperation with TeshaDesign, we have a site with exceptional prospects. "
  • - Jovan Gavović, co-author website OsiguranjeInternetom
  • Lucic Marine Services
  • VIB Broker
  • Vision2020 The Horizon Network
  • TMS CEE d.o.o.
  • Osiguranje Internetom
  • Condominium Style Properties AD
  • Teslianum d.o.o.
  • Baltico d.o.o.
  • FMS-Tech d.o.o.
  • TeshaDesign
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