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About us

The company "A-Team Marketing & Consulting" was created with the idea to be a family company dealing with the two seemingly incompatible loves of its founder, Captain Vladimir Sparovic: navigation and the Internet. We emphasize the word seemingly, because seamen know best how important the Internet is in the global connection of the world, and how much the Internet has made easier the life on ships and "reduced" the distance from the families with which seafarers had to reconcile with since time immemorial.

  • Navigation

  • Pomorstvo
  • Two decades of maritime engagement, professional development, training of personnel for marine and river ships and assessment of their quality, projects for development of navigation activities in certain countries, cooperation and contacts in international organizations engaged in navigation and our consultants and partners from all spheres related to navigation on seas and inland waterways are a guarantee that our advisory services in this area can significantly improve your business activities if it is oriented towards navigation or in various ways depends on navigation.
  • The Internet

  • Internet
  • We have been observing the Internet as a market for more than one decade. It has become the place of one of the most important marketing games which will gain more importance in the years to come, which enables us to develop personal commercial sites of various contents, their management and promotion, as well as to provide a complete set of services in the field of Internet marketing, which would further improve your business operations and position you on the market successfully.

In order to complete previous services, taking into account the human factor of their successfulness, we do consulting in the area of human resource management, covering all aspects of this area and enabling improvement of business operations efficacy.

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