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Our approach to the realization of consulting activities is based on professional assistance to clients, which enables the best possible way to review and analyze all the factors that are vital for making the right decisions using rich, personal experience and knowledge, but also experience and knowledge of our external associates who are highly specialized for certain segments of our offer, which guarantees the highest possible level of success of our engagement.

Within the scope of consulting in navigation activities we provide the following services:

  • Consulting shipping companies, various organizations and government institutions on navigation safety and security (SOLAS, MARPOL, ISM, ISO, ISPS, STCW & MLC2006, EU Directives for Inland Waterways, IWT, CCNR Regulations),
  • Consulting shipping companies, various organizations and government institutions on application of international maritime conventions and standards (IMO), international maritime law, law of the sea and European Directives for inland Waterways,
  • Consulting when developing rulebooks and regulations for marine administration and administration for inland waterways,
  • Consulting shipping companies, various organizations, educational institutions and government institutions on education and training of crew members of marine and river ships, as well as other personnel related to navigation (STCW, MLC2006, EU Directives),
  • Consulting and assistance in organization of trainings in schools and training centres for seamen, according to IMO standards, and shippers according to EU directives, along with development of studies on education, training, certification and work materials and equipment for organization of trainings,
  • Organization of inspection and monitoring of ships and inspection of crewing agencies, on all grounds,
  • Consulting on management of port, waterways, shipyards and marines,
  • Consulting on cost effective exploitation of the ships,
  • Consulting on energy efficient exploitation of the ships,
  • Consulting on protection of environment from all kind of pollution from the ships (MARPOL),
  • Consulting on organization of merchandize transport by sea and inland waterways in all segments which could be significant for choosing the safest and most economical transport, observing all international regulations and procedure.

Within human resources consulting, we perform the following services:

  • Consulting on establishment of human resources management in shipping and other companies, with creation of workplace systematization, code of conduct and business code, measuring work success and policy of work evaluation through policy of implementation of reward and sanctions,
  • Consulting on management of the processes of recruitment and selection of a new navigation and other staff, with professional assessment of personal abilities, knowledge and skills using a complex analysis of each individual,
  • Consulting on hiring professional staff for the purposes of government administration, international organizations in the area of navigation activity, non-government sector and donor organizations,
  • Consulting on training of navigation and other staff, with defining needs for training, choice and implementation of specific trainings, including monitoring of effects of the training itself,
  • Consulting on monitoring the human resources system itself, determining behavior of personnel at various levels, with accent on management staff, as well as defining correction measures for determined flaws, with the aim of improvement of work and business efficiency.


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