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Our approach to the realization of projects in the sphere of internet marketing implies several successive phases and numerous accompanying activities, which all together guarantees the highest standards and best results in achieving the desired goal:

Project realization phases are:

  • Analysis of the current business situation on the Internet and marketing research,
  • Creating a strategy to achieve the goal set as well as creative solutions for internet marketing,
  • Realization of activities determined by the strategy and implementation of the solution,
  • Monitoring of results achieved, applying corrections, if necessary, and elimination of any undesired effects.

For the purpose of realization the mentioned phases, we also perform the following activities:

  • Quality and quantity marketing research,
  • Creating a visual / corporative identity, i.e. adjustment of the existing one to the needs of internet marketing,
  • Development of web sites with web design, including modification and redesign of the existing contents,
  • Optimization of web sites for search engines and maintenance of web sites,
  • Lease / rent of advertising space on the Internet,
  • Marketing through social networks, e-mail marketing, viral marketing,
  • Public relations, including organization and realization of conferences and promotional events,
  • Internet public relations, including realization of internet magazines, blogs, portals and active following and participation thereof,
  • Organization and realization of direct marketing campaigns,
  • Following and analysis of feedback from the market, including clients' reaction, professional public and media.


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